Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rivermaya's new album leaked!

[Originally posted on 9/12/2009 Saturday; 3:09 AM @ by QuickBlogcast/GoDaddy]

Eversince I posted on my Facebook page that I got to download the brand new and yet-to-be-released album by Rivermaya called "Closest Thing To Heaven", my inbox just got flooded by requests from my Facefriends & other people too, for the download link. Of course, the unavoidable were asked: Where? How? Who?...As much as I'd like to share the entire album, unfortunately, the download link to "R****share" was quickly deleted! So who uploaded and leaked the album? Well, the guy who sent me the link is a friend from Mandaluyong City (Philippines), who is a Rivermaya fanatic. But he wasn't the source. It was his friend, "Rico" (not his real name) who was an employee for an advertising agency who happened to be a big Rivermaya fan too! Apparently last week, "Rico" was in a meeting at the band's label's office. He then stumbled upon a Sony CD-R that had "Rivermaya 2009 Album" in black marker ink, in a trash bin! The fan instinct just kicked in! He quickly picked it up & stashed it in his pocket; and the rest as they say, is history!
I was thinking maybe "Rico" picked up a CD-R of rough mixes but after listening closely to the 10 MP3s that I downloaded, I can really say that these are in fact, tracks from the new album. They're just so pristine to be just work-in-progress versions. Now, as my personal motto goes: "Share Good Music!", here I am sharing you the supposedly first single (according to the band's mailing list postings & official YouTube channel). It is the 6th track and it's called "Dangal" (Honor). Written by bassist, Japs Sergio (also of the band, "DayDream Cycle"...and not to be mistaken with SixCycle Mind, hehehe)

(link has been deleted)

Download it ASAP! The band and the label might found out about this and I'll definitely get a cease & "deceased" order! ("deceased" 'cuz I'll be dead meat, heheh!). This link might not even last for a few days. Don't think twice! This will not even cost you 50 pesos! hehehe. Download NOW! and yeah, SHARE IT! Attach it, post it, upload it, burn it! Add it to your Friendster, MySpace, Facebook's music player! Email your friends! If you know jocks from NU107, RX93, UR, WLS, and other main Manila radios, email it to them. Make them include it in their playlists. Request for it even if you have it in your cellulars and players already, hehe! Let's make history. Let's make it the most downloaded & requested unreleased song in Philippine music history! Let's make this the "A(H1N1) virus" of OPM, hehehe! Oh yeah, grab the picture too and make it your official digital folder artwork!. Enjoy!

PS. This is the real, official album version (iTunes-sourced; 160kbps) and not some low-quality YouTube-rip.
PS2. For Rivermaya info, check out their website: or join their mailing list: (you'll see me there!..hehehe)
PS3. A portable from Sony, hehehe!

Mar. 12, 2010 Friday - The download link has been deleted since the album, "Closest Thing To Heaven", is already available in the market. Please buy an original copy of the album. Thanks!...Official website URL has been updated, too!

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