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Thursday, July 29, 2010

to blog or not to blog?..yeah whatever!

[Originally posted on 2/6/2009 Friday; 11:53 PM @ by QuickBlogcast/GoDaddy]

i was first introduced to blogs thru my friend, french's "deadjournal" & "livejournal" blogs in september 2002. i'd read her postings & would comment once in a while. fast forward a few years later and the whole cyberworld has gone blog-crazy! however, starting one for myself never really crossed my mind.
i've always thought that blogs were reserved for journalists (& wanna-be's) and people with literary skills only. i've got limited vocabulary and i can't be creative with sentences. i also thought that blogs are for people who got no better things to do...well, i'm like that & that's why i'm starting one now, hehehe! i've seen some blogs that are just plain stupid & non-sense so i figured, hey i can do better than that!..besides, my web hosting service provider hooks me up with one so i might as well use it =)

so the question is what to blog about? i guess whatever will do though it'll be more focused on the things i enjoy: music, rock n roll, concerts, bootlegs, collecting memorabilia, fan experience, movies, tv, etc....oh believe me, i've got loads of sh*t to share...i just need the time!

what's up with the title?
my friends know this but to all who's never met me, here's the thing: i sometimes speak with a "brit" accent. it's fake, of course, heheh! was i born in the u.k.? no! have i lived there? no! but i'd love to go there at least once in my lifetime: shop in london & yes, attend the glastonbury festival!!! that's my ultimate rock n roll dream! my fake brit accent a product of philippine call centers? definitely not! it's more like me growing up listening to loads of british bands from the 80s, 90s & present. so why fake it? i dunno, to disguise my ugly, squeeky voice, i guess heheh!...and it's just a cool way of annoying people around me, heheh! please note: it ain't yer typical fake brit accent. it's more like a fake "manchester" accent. heard the gallagher brothers talk? it's like that only cuter! =)

so to anyone who'd drop by & read my blog, here's a few tips/reminders to fully "feel" my entries:
1. visualize me talking to you, with spit coming out of my mouth (yuck!); complete with facial expressions & hand gestures. nice!

2. things will be written in english & sometimes in my native language, tagalog (say "tag-a-log") with translations yeah
3. "hehehe" = LOL (and that's how a crazy person laughs!..hehehe!)
4. i sometimes spell "c" with a "k". don't ask. it's just me!

...hmm i guess that's it for now. thanks for reading my first post or entry (wow! i'm such a blogger, heheh!)

welkam to the "schizo archives" blog! =)

yours truly,

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