Thursday, July 29, 2010

U2 jacked up their concert ticket prices?

[Originally posted on 11/20/2009 Friday; 9:19 PM @ by QuickBlogcast/GoDaddy]

Yes, they did! Well, at least the tour presenters, Live Nation, did! After sacrificing my tickets to two out-of-towner friends, for the landmark Rose Bowl concert last October, I made sure I get tickets for the second leg of their US tour. So when the June 6th 2010 Anaheim show at Angel Stadium went onsale last Nov. 9th, I went online and got myself "Club" (Middle Level) seat tickets. They were $95 a piece plus the usual Ticketmaster surcharges. That would be "Price Level 2" based on their pricing structure: Price Level 1 = $250; Price Level 2 = $95; Price Level 3 = $55; Price Level 4 = $30.

Please note: my seats are at Club Level, Section 342 (to the right of the stage, 3 levels up). Anyway, the show was sold-out in just about 15 mins. Of course, the promoters were anticipating that they immediately announced a second night for June 7th at the same venue, to go on sale Nov. 20th.

So this morning (Nov. 20), I went online again to get 2 tickets for my brother, Haro. He wanted "floor" tickets but the results were zero. So I tried searching randomly for any Price Level 1 tickets. I finally got 2 tickets: Club Level, Section 307 (to the left of the stage, 3 levels up). The same level as my June 6th tickets but on the opposite side. And guess what? They were $250 a piece! Yup, $155 more expensive! Sheeesh!

Not just that, they also released single "production hold" tickets for the supposedly sold-out June 6th show. Just for the heck of it, I searched for a ticket on the Club level and there it was: Section 309 for the new price of $250! (that would've been $95 only if you bought tickets two weeks ago!, hehehe).

U2 has always been the "hottest ticket in town" for 3 decades now! The demands are extremely high. It's just understandable that Live Nation would jack up their ticket prices. Unless, the reports were true. Last week, I heard on XFM London that despite the overwhelming success of U2's 360 Tour, Live Nation has not been able to break even yet. Oh well, I wouldn't know and I could care less. I'm just a paying customer and all I wanted is to see U2! =)

Update: 7/29/2010
The June 6th & 7th, 2010 shows are re-scheduled for June 17th & 18th, 2011 respectively.


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